We Believe It's Not Just A Box

Even the best boxes and packaging need quality consumables to perform as well as they can.

That's why we've taken the initiative, and saved our customers a job, by supplying those additional products that help deliver the most successful packaging solutions as well as addressing other specialist applications. Our experts will be more than happy to demonstrate products or give clear and impartial advice to help you choose the best product for the job.

Packaging Tapes

Our packaging tapes are available in a wide range of colours, roll lengths and specifications suitable for virtually every conceivable packing and dispatching project.

Cushioning Materials

It's crucial that your products arrive in perfect condition and that often depends on using the right cushioning material to address factors like weight, cost, impact resistance and environmental considerations. Available products range from loosefill and bubble wrap right through to corrugated paper and polyethylene foam.

Strapping Systems

Our strapping systems include manual, pneumatic, electric and automated tools for sealing both steel and plastic strapping

Ancillary Products

Ancillary products can be used to protect and stabilise your consignment and include stretch film, postal bags, twin-wall polypropylene sheeting, Lamiflex, industrial packaging papers and polyethylene or shrink-wrap.