We Supply To British Businesses

Boxes are 90% of what we do, but thinking outside of them is what really keeps us ahead.

Our history stretches back as far as 1884, but we also enjoy a reputation for thinking ahead and market-leading innovation. Today, we see innovation as one of the qualities that helps to set us apart from more conventional operators in our sector after all, it's what allows us to really focus on your product.

At Westpack we always put the product first. Everything we do is geared towards developing, testing and producing packaging solutions that perfectly perform their task of safeguarding whatever it is you need to transport. We're lucky enough to have all the expertise, technologies and materials we need to design packaging solutions right from the ground up, specifically to suit your product. It doesn't matter how large, small, heavy, awkward, fragile or valuable your product is, or whether it's transported in batches or individually and by road, air or sea; we'll work with you to create a customised yet cost-effective solution that satisfies every single requirement on your list.

We do this because we know that your reputation and profitability depend on getting your products to market quickly, safely and always intact. That's why we deliver highly bespoke solutions that give our customers genuine flexibility, seamless and trouble-free supply chains and ultimately, unbeatable returns on investment. Better still, it's not just our packaging that's innovative. From monthly invoicing, key account management and just-in-time stock control to our imaginative and collaborative style of problem solving; it's our customer support as well as our packaging solutions that make our business an asset to yours.