Scientific Instrumentation Manufacturer

This company is a leading global supplier of sensitive scientific instrumentation. Many of the company's state of the art products are used for measuring radiation and feature substantial lead shielding in order to protect them from background radiation.

Their fragile scientific products can weigh up to 20kg, and the company needed highly protective yet good looking packaging not only to safeguard those products during international transit, but also to reflect their high value.

We worked closely with them to create internal polyethelene foam packaging that cushioned the product perfectly during transit. We then created attractive external packaging featuring the company's branding and contact details together with clear instructions to ensure the packages were handled carefully during their journey to customers.

The end result has been improved cost efficiency and customer satisfaction thanks to a dramatic reduction in the number of items damaged during transit. The company's image has also benefited from good looking packaging that does justice to the high value products it protects.