Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company

This global manufacturer specialist make scalp-cooling equipment used to prevent or reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.

The company needed a safe and secure way of transporting its product to customers, but one that was also a cost effective way of protecting this relatively delicate piece of apparatus

At 40kg the scalp cooler isn't a particularly lightweight item and its fragile plastic cover required a high level of protection from impact during transit; it was decided that a simple corrugated carton wasn't enough. Another factor we needed to consider was the fact that the cooler would be transported sometimes in bulk and at other times in single units destined for specific hospitals.

In partnership with them, we created a unique pack comprising a wooden pallet with a corrugated tray on top and a foam base for the unit to sit on. We then added foam fittings to the top of the product to provide vital extra cushioning. A corrugated carton was then placed over the internal packaging, creating a robust structure capable of withstanding impacts.

Rigorous testing proved that the solution was a success. We were able to reassure the customer that every unit would be able to survive its journey completely undamaged, whatever the mode of transport and even in the event of the product being knocked over.