Electronics Manufacturing Company

This company provides market leading solutions in contract electronics manufacturing, serving a customer base that demands high quality products in perfect condition.

The company relies on us to provide superior packaging solutions carefully designed around their products and suitable for global distribution. The packaging we create for our client must be certified to the International Safe Transit Association Test part 2A.

We recently collaborated with them to create packaging specifically for transporting analysing equipment destined for a customer from the food industry. Taking into consideration elements including the product's weight, design and transportation method, we developed a purpose built corrugated case featuring a polyethylene fitting to secure the product as well as a special 'rib' to hold the product's accessories. The pack was subjected to rigorous drop and vibration testing, from both edge and top positions. After every test, the pack was opened and its contents checked for movement or damage. Only once we were totally satisfied with the finished design did we present the packaging and its certification to the team.

Creating effective packaging designed around specific products is one of our specialisms here at Westpack and this project was typical of many where we're able to meet strict ISTA certification and deliver improved cost efficiency and real peace of mind to our customer.